Meet Ashley

Hey There, I'm Ashley Romanowski,

As an artist I find so much joy in being surrounded by things that are meaningful to me. I find that art shows us the beauty in this world that we miss when we are so wrapped up in just surviving our day to day. It's all those small details, those meaningful moments and beautiful colors that remind us of how beautiful life really is.

I first started my photography journey in 2008. I was a junior at Laguna Creek High School. I was finding it hard to find my place in this world as I wasn't good at all the traditional things school was teaching us. I walked into my first semester of photography and I was convinced this would just be another place I wouldn't fit in. So I went into it to just complete the assignments. Little did I know when the spring semester rolled around that would all change. For the first time I would feel like I belonged somewhere. 

In 2010 I was gifted my first Nikon DSLR from my mom as a 18th birthday gift. I went on to place both first and honorable mention in the California state fair for my macro photography. The achievements led me to be named the 2010 Bank of America award for visual arts. Though this is all forever ago now I hold on to these accomplishments a as reminders that even when you aren't quite sure where a path is leading to trust the process.

Now, I am 12 years into my artist journey. From my humble beginnings as a wedding and events photographer to capturing the allure of products, and later finding my creative space in entrepreneurship, I strongly feel this path has lead me to this place where I can step out and create art.