5 Things I can't live without!

5 Things I can't live without!

Hey there, I'm so happy you are here! I am so excited to share more about me and what I stand for and enjoy. Art is an investment for your home and so knowing more about the artist you are investing in is something I think is deeply important. I thought I would start my first blog post as a fun one! So without further waiting here are my top 5 things I can't live without.

1. My Journal

 I am newer to the world of journaling. I took up this practice about 2 years ago and now I could not live without it. I find it so beneficial to have a place to dump my thoughts. From todo lists, brain storming ideas, taking podcast notes to having a place to express my daily emotions and stress. I always have my journal in my bag when I am on the go. I have tried many different styles of journals but my go to is always the lay flat journal with a hard cover. I now offer journals in my shop, best part they have my art on them. <3 

2. My Camera with my macro lens of course

A camera and a lens well I guess that would be considered two items but I mean is it really if they can't work without each other? :P As many know I am a ride or die Nikon shooter and of course Nikkor lenses. I currently shoot with a nikon FX D610 Camera and use a Nikkor Micro 105mm F/2.8 lens. Life can be tough at times and so honoring that by using my gift of creativity to express my self through my camera is meaningful to me. Some of my most beautiful work has been created in times of difficulty. By sharing my photography with others I feel its like sharing a piece of my heart. 

3. Sage, Candles, Incense  

Any or all of the above. :) I rotate between all the options. I find scent to be very relaxing. So at the end of a long day lighting something that brings a bit of relaxation is key. Additionally I will light sage, candles, or incense when doing yoga or meditation practice. This is for the calming effects it brings to my practice. 

4. Time Gardening

Busting out my gardening gloves and getting dirty! I love planting flowers, succulents, and food to eat. Truth be told some days I wish the inside of my house would just clean its self so that I could spend all my time making my yard look great. There is just something so rewarding about getting to photograph my own grown flowers. Plus all the hard labor is a great way to release trapped emotions in a healthy way. :) 

5. Time alone

As someone who is a introvert my time alone is oh so important. Its time to recharge, fill up my cup, and connect with self. All things I need in order to stay balanced and let my creativity come through. As someone with a rich inner world I need time alone to process and digest life more than others. 

One thing all the items on my list have in common is self care. Self care practices are so important for our mental and emotional health. Until writing this blog I had not even realized that everything I had chosen goes into my self care routine. All these things are meaningful to me and I am so happy I found them in my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about me. Your support means the world to me. 

Love <3

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