AshleyRo Photography Tip Of The Week September!

Just in case you may have missed one of these awesome tips for the month on Facebook. I have gathered them all together here on the blog so you can reference them by each month forever! I just love telling you guys about all these tips and tricks I have learned over the years!

September 7th 2018

Clouds are your photographer’s best friend! Don’t be sad when you look outside on the day of your photo session and it’s cloudy. Clouds diffuse the harsh rays of the sun, making for beautiful lighting that enhances you and the surroundings!


September 14 2018

Sometimes when taking photos you question whether an image is good or not based on the small image you see on the back of your camera. However this small LCD Display is not big enough to see the small little details like facial expressions. So I always recommend viewing your images on a computer before deleting any! Little kids love making cute facial expressions.



September 21st 2018

When photographing toddlers, a good way to get them to look straight at you with a genuine expression is by having something that makes a interesting noise. This catches the, off guard and brings their interest towards you and this mystery noise!

September 28th 2018

Family portrait season has arrived and one of the hardest things is figuring out how to dress everyone. Are you lost and wondering where to start? I always tell my clients the best option is to choose neutrals or earth tones for their photos. Blues, Pinks, purples, browns, creams, tans, grays and whites. I also mention to avoid red, orange and bright greens. Bright bold colors can be distracting and pull away from the real subject, the cute smiles on your kids faces. Below is some inspiration I have found for your next family portrait session. 🙂…/ashleyro-photography-clothing-…/

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