AshleyRo Photography Tip Of The Week for August!

Just in case you may have missed one of these awesome tips for the month on Facebook. I have gathered them all together here on the blog so you can reference them by each month forever! I just love telling you guys about all these tips and tricks I have learned over the years!

August 10th 2018

When you want to capture those photos of those little details, like the decorations on the birthday cake or that beautiful flower in the bed of your front yard, you should do your best to have the camera at the same level of the item. This may entail bending over, getting on your knees or sometimes even being all the way down on the ground. You add more to the photo visually with that view, rather than just being above the item you are capturing.

August 17th 2018

Always take many images of one subject or object because you never know which point of view will turn out the best. Zoom in and out, move around the object and reframe multiple times. You never know which will be your favorite image, image 1 or image 25. With the digital age you don’t have to worry about running out of film, only space on your SD card!


August 24th 2018

For all my dog lovers, I have found the best way to get a great expression from my dog is for me to get excited, grab a treat and hold the treat next to my camera lens ( or Phone ). This way they get excited and you can see their genuine expression as they are looking to get that treat, while staring straight into the camera lens. Everyone is happy at the outcome!

August 31st 2018

Where are all my Selfie fans!? For the best lit selfie go stand facing a window for a natural light glow on your image! Same thing goes for all my professional followers doing natural light photos indoors! Windows are the best source of light. Plus if you add a sheer white curtain over the window it will soften the light. (For you pros: think of a giant soft box!) Photo example below was lit all by natural window light.

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