My Visit to Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie State Park Visit

Over the past weekend, I went on a trip with my boyfriend to celebrate our one year anniversary! It’s such a joy for us to get out of town whenever we can. As we thought about how we wanted to spend our anniversary, we decided that we wanted an adventure while still getting in some much-needed relaxation time. A place we’ve been wanting to travel to is Bodie California, State Park. We have been wanting to go there because of the abandoned town that is allegedly haunted. So, the adventure portion is covered and that leaves us with the relaxation part. South Lake Tahoe is the halfway point from Sacramento to Bodie, so that’s where we decided to stay for the night before getting up for our exciting adventure the next day. The air was crisp, cool, and breezy; such a relief from the hot and dry Sacramento weather.

After a fun and relaxing Saturday evening, we were ready for our Sunday adventure. We jumped out of bed, filled with excitement and got ready for the day. We had prepared everything we would need from water to sunscreen and good walking shoes. There was nothing left but to drive to the park. The drive was about two and a half hours from South Lake Tahoe. Bodie State Park is just outside of Bridgeport, CA. While the drive may sound long, it was such a pleasure. The scenery was absolutely incredible, the trees were lush and green and standing as tall as the skyscrapers in Sacramento. I was captivated by the beauty. There were creeks and rivers flowing full to the brim. As I looked closer I could see many animals lapping up a fresh sip of water.

Finally, we arrived at Bodie. The entrance into the park is about 3 miles long and is a full gravel road that is rather bumpy. At first, I thought this would be much better as a paved road, but then I began to appreciate the bumpiness because it was taking me back in time to when the town was populated and lavish. The people of Bodie had to walk or ride on that road every day. Let me tell you a little more about the town of Bodie, it once had 2,000 homes and had businesses for gold mining. It is thought that a boy playing with matches burned down the town by accident. Today only 200 homes stand and is an abandoned ghost town. Since this is an abandoned historical town the remaining buildings are only maintained to the pointed that they won’t fall over, this is known as arrested decay.

One thing I made sure to bring was my camera because I could not wait to capture some of the excitement of this ghost town. When you’re planning your next adventure I recommend checking out Bodie. Hopefully, you’ll have as much fun as I did. Check out some of my images below and in the comments tell me if you’ve been to Bodie before and any of your favorite adventure destinations!


  1. Carmen says:

    I’m kidnapping you and taking you on my next trip so you can pictures. 😉. You’re so talented!!

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